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Team Building & Coaching

Barter on the Open Market

The team in the open market

Who can sell any given product with maximum profit on the market? In a playful way, however, the scenario couldn’t be more real – market reality. There are no fake customers or suppliers who would treat the sales team with special consideration. This event brings out the team most able to adapt to the actual market conditions.


Each team is given a starting item e.g. a paper clip. The aim for each group is to exchange their product for another other more valuable item with passersby on the street. The time is limited and the teams should attempt as many transactions as possible to increase the item’s value. This requires strategic thinking, good marketing and above all communication skills.


The team has to agree and organise themselves in order to realise the full potential of each member. This demands creativity and cooperation. It is even quite likely their conflict resolution skills will be required. Each team member gets a notebook where each step towards solving the task is logged.

Final presentation

Late afternoon the groups get together to present their result, the winning team emerges.

What obstacles did each individual team encounter?

What did they do right and where is there room for improvement? The findings of the observers will help to project the experience on to the participants work life. In order to get an in-depth analysis and a reflection of your teams we will be happy to arrange for a professional coach.

Team evaluation and coaching

Engaging a professional coach to observe your team at work will ensure that they, and the ­company, get the most from the whole ­experience. He or she will be on hand ­throughout the day to analyse performance, highlight ­achievements, address problems and help the team to utilise the lessons learnt back in the ­working environment.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 20 pers.2900.00 flat rate
from 21 pers.140.00 / pers.
from 51 pers.price on request

Catering options

Refreshments / Aperitiffrom 19.00 / pers.

Our service includes

  • Trainer/Guide
  • Meeting room
  • A log book for each participant
  • Starting item for bartering

Not included

  • Transfers
  • VAT

Weather protection


Group size

12-1000 participants


1/2 day


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland and abroad

Further options

  • Reflection on team performance by a coach
  • Extended event
  • Booking of seminar facilities or hotel accommodation
  • English- or French-speaking guides