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Team Building & Coaching

Team Challenge Indoor

Development through challenging team games indoors

To save you valuable time we bring our active team challenges to your company's seminar room. Needless to say that in good weather most of our exercises can be held outdoors in the grounds of a hotel.

The teams call at various checkpoints where different aspects of working life are addressed: cooperation, team dynamic, decision-taking, communication skills, synergetic thinking and action, development of strategies, mutual trust, getting to know each other in depth and personality.

The objectives of these exercises are easy to recognise so an in-depth reflection isn’t strictly necessary in this case. If you however prefer it an additional coach/observer can easily be planned in.

Suggested activities

  • Tower of Power
  • Communication Puzzle
  • Culture Rally
  • The Marble Labyrinth
  • Pipeline
  • Performance Puzzle
  • Board Construction
  • The Nail Mystery
  • Ball Transport
  • and more...

As a further option we recommend the exercise of building a timber construction in a team effort. To complete the task you receive your instructions from the opposite team via radio.

This programme is ideal to be combined with the Team Challenge Outdoor.

We will design a programme entirely to your requirements. We are happy to tell you more about the individual exercises, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

These team challenges can be held even with very large groups.

Team evaluation and coaching

Engaging a professional coach to observe your team at work will ensure that they, and the ­company, get the most from the whole ­experience. He or she will be on hand ­throughout the day to analyse performance, highlight ­achievements, address problems and help the team to utilise the lessons learnt back in the ­working environment.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 20 pers.2950.00 flat rate
from 21 pers.142.00 / pers.
from 31 pers.138.00 / pers.
from 70 pers.124.00 / pers.
from 90 pers.108.00 / pers.
from 125 pers.88.00 / pers.

Timber construction via radio transceivers

up to 20 pers.800.00 flat rate
from 20 pers.40.00 / pers.

Our service includes

  • Expert staff
  • Brief feedback on solving the tasks
  • All materials required

Not included

  • Transfers
  • Premises
  • VAT

Weather protection


Group size

20-200 participants

Time required

2-3 hours


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland and abroad

Optional extras

  • Reflection on team performance by a coach
  • Organisation of seminar facilities and hotels
  • English- or French-speaking guides