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Team Building & Coaching

The Creative Communications Project

An extraordinary communications project

In this exercise the team members really get to know each other because this teambuilding programme gets life from intensive communication.


The collective production of a canvas with hand-painted motifs has a central target: all participants have to communicate intensively in order to successfully conclude this task. This is essential and leads to getting to know each other much better.

How it works

While telling each other about their hobbies the participants stitch together bits of canvas piece by piece. As the canvas grows so does the group and everyone gets to know each other through their stories. Once all the pieces of canvas are sewn together everyone's story is painted onto the large canvas. The final task will be to guess who's represented by which picture on the canvas. The large painted canvas is yours to take home and could be displayed in your company's premises.

Team evaluation and coaching

Engaging a professional coach to observe your team at work will ensure that they, and the ­company, get the most from the whole ­experience. He or she will be on hand ­throughout the day to analyse performance, highlight ­achievements, address problems and help the team to utilise the lessons learnt back in the ­working environment.

Combining Programmes

The large canvas could also be used as a sail, which means that this programme could easily be combined with our Building a Raft on a Mountain Lake activity. The beautiful sail can be set on the assembled raft.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 20 pers.3000.00 flat rate
from 21 pers.145.00 / pers.
from 31 pers.140.00 / pers.
from 41 pers.135.00 / pers.
from 51 pers.price on request

Catering options

Barbecuefrom 59.00 / pers.
Refreshments / Aperitiffrom 19.00 / pers.

Our service includes

  • Expert staff
  • All materials required
  • Feedback by the head guide

Not included

  • Transfers
  • Premises
  • VAT

Weather protection


Group size

12-300 people

Time required

1/2 day


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland and abroad

Further options

  • Reflection on team performance by a coach
  • Wooden frame
  • Protective overalls
  • Lunch or supper
  • Booking seminar facilities and hotel accommodation
  • English- or French-speaking guides
  • Building a Raft on a Mountain Lake