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Horn Sledge Adventure

Horn sledge adventure

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Tobogganing like our grandfathers did

In order to steer a horn sledge down the mountain with a certain precision, the helmsman between the horns is not enough. A whole team is required which actively assists him behind his back, literally. The ideal horn sledge crew consists of 5 members: the front helmsman, three crew for braking and a rear helmsman for steering support.

Standard: in the middle of a skiing resort in the upper part of the Toggenburg region at an altitude of 1200 metres you will be introduced to the art of riding the horn sledge. On a marked training run you will soon reach ‘slope maturity’.

After mastering the basic techniques a snow-grooming machine takes the guests and their sledges to a dedicated ski slope. This is a beautiful piste which is wide and not too steep, ideal for your adventure. And off you go..!

Fondue Fun

After a few runs it's time for you to call at the nearby cosy mountain inn where you enjoy a sumptuous cheese Fondue 'à discrection' (all you can eat). After dinner the culmination of the day is an exhilarating toboggan run down into the valley on a classic "Davoser" wooden sledge.

Alternative: Should you prefer to have fun with the horn sledge for the entire afternoon that is no problem at all here in Alt St. Johann, however, you may have to do without the snow-grooming machine. For lunch you boost your energy with a delicious cheese Fondue at the mountain inn. Then you hit the slopes and with the last scheduled departure the cable car will take you back down into the valley.


The safety of all participants is paramount to us. For this purpose we have chosen a slope which runs out smoothly and ends into a hill on the other side.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 16 pers.2830.00 flat rate
from 17 pers.169.00 / pers.
from 25 pers.165.00 / pers.
from 33 pers.159.00 / pers.
from 41 pers.155.00 / pers.
from 49 pers.149.00 / pers.

Catering options

Mulled wine Aperitif from21.00 / pers.
Alternative menu

Our service includes

  • Fondue 'à discretion'
  • Giant horn sledge (1 sledge for every 4 participants)
  • Toboggan hire
  • Transport by snow-grooming machine
  • All materials required

Not included

  • Transfers
  • Standard fare (Ascent only ca. CHF 14.00 per Person)
  • Return fare ca. CHF 24.00 per Person
  • Beverages
  • VAT

Weather protection

Event held in all weathers

Group size

4-100 participants


The safety of all participants is paramount to us. For this purpose we have chosen a slope that runs out smoothly and slightly uphill.


4-5 hours


End of December-April


Wildhaus, Alt St. Johann (Toggenburg)

Further Options

  • English- or French-speaking guides
  • Torch-lit night walk
  • Guided hike with snow shoes
  • Alternative meals for dinner
  • Alternative activities in case of lack of snow
  • Taxi bus
  • Live band

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