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Team Events & Away Days

A Playful Trip to Foreign Cultures

Different cultures, different games

With this group event we introduce you to the playing culture of other countries. The best games by the Inuit, the Zulu and other peoples.


These games give team spirit a real boost. With some of these contests communication and trust alone decide between victory and defeat.

Selected games

We show you the most exciting team games from a range of countries and regions from all over the world, that we bet you have never heard of. You will be amazed how many fantastic, little-known games there are in the world.

A selection of team games:

  • ‘Bola’ from Greenland: an ancient hunting weapon made of weights on the end of an interconnecting cord. Today Bola is a skills test. Will you manage to wrap it around a pole?
  • A Czech obstacle race: you can only win this game if you blindly trust your partner.
  • ‘Gutera Uriziga‘ from Rwanda: can you hit the mark with a javelin through a rolling cycle tyre?
  • ‘Shooting water bottles‘ from Brazil: the aim is to knock over the water bottles of the opposite team while at the same time picking up your own bottles as quickly as possible to prevent to much spilling.
  • ‘Cover your Ears’ from Korea: test your reaction. If you’re not fast enough, you’re out.
  • ‘Catch the Stick’ from Egypt: reach the stick before it drops to the ground.
  • ‘On the Rio’ from Brazil: how fast can a team reverse a blanket which it is actually standing on?
  • ‘Orange in a Circle’ from China: with two balls it can get quite chaotic.


The games aren’t physically demanding. What they do require is quick reactions, dexterity and marksmanship.


Most of these games can be played outdoors or indoors. You choose your preferred venue or location. We are also happy to recommend a suitable locations in the Zurich, Basel or Bern areas. We can provide a suitable venue for any group size, see 'additional options'.

Culinary Delights

How about a sumptuous BBQ to conclude your event?

Prices [in Swiss Francs] on average, depending on chosen tasks

up to 30 pers.4170.00 flat rate
from 31 pers.139.00 / pers.
from 100 pers.109.00 / pers.
from 200 pers.price on request

Catering options

Aperitif from19.00 / pers.

Our service includes

  • Expert guides
  • All required materials for the games
  • Mineral water

Not included

  • Venue hire
  • Transfers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • VAT

Weather protection

100% (if held indoors)

Group size

30-500 participants


2-3 hours




Anywhere in Switzerland

Optional extras

  • A combination of this event with one of our other themed events
  • Renting a large farm in the Sihlbrugg/Zurich area
  • Renting a medium-sized farm in the Aesch/Basel area or in Hombrechtikon (Zurich area)
  • Renting a nostalgic mill in Stallikon/Zurich
  • Renting a greenhouse in the Zurich area
  • English- or French-speaking guides
  • Marquees for weather protection

Compatible entertainment options